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Directions: In each of the sentences, parts of the sentences are left blank. Beneath each sentence, four different ways of completing the sentence are indicated. Choose the word or set of words for each blank that best fits the meaning of the sentence as a whole.
1.       If the prince of yesterday is seen today begging on the roadside, it will cause _______.
a]  surprise                  b]  astonishment      c]  catharsis              d]  none of these
2.       He should always be _______ to those who have assisted him at the time of his need.
a]  grateful                  b]  generous              c]  obliged                 d]  thankful
3.       The diseases which spread only by physical contact with the patient are called _______ diseases.
a]  infectious               b]  dreadful              c]  epidemic              d]  contagious
4.       Those students who are declared successful in the written test shall appear in another test in which they have to answer the questions _______.
a]  verbally                 b]  factually             c]  phonetically         d]  orally
5.       Every citizen of a free country is _______ to follow his duties with the same sincerity with which he demands his rights.
a]  obliged                   b]  bound                  c]  compelled            d]  expected
6.       The great Indian fighters Rana Pratap, Sangram Singh and Rani Laxmi Bai were known for their _______
a]  courage                  b]  valour                 c]  bravery                d]  boldness
7.       I _______ to be a bird to fly in the air, over rivers, mountains and plains.
a]  desire                     b]  need                    c]  want                     d]  wish
8.       You can easily find out which way the wind is bellowing by simply seeing the _______ which is placed at the top of the church tower.
a]  vane                       b]  fan                      c]  tantrum                d]  banner
9.       We had fish on _______ days.
a]  alternative             b]  alternating          c]  alternate              d]  none of these
10.     The _______ of what says is that Gandhiji was a religious thinker, not a political leader.
a]  meaning                 b]  context                c]  tenor                    d]  tenure
11.     It is difficult to run a school with so ______ students.
a]  little                       b]  few                      c]  small                    d]  many
12.     He is aware of the future problems. Hence he always tries to become _______ by managing his expenses with the minimum possible money.
a]  cautious                 b]  miserly                c]  provident             d]  providential
13.     The new office-bearers have _______ changed the situation.
a]  suddenly                b]  completely          c]  extremely             d]  drastically
14.     It is a pity that though she was _______ intelligent, she did not work hard.
a]  much                      b]  very                     c]  too                       d]  none of these
15.     You must _______ your lauggage and leave now.
a]  pack                       b]  wind                    c]  bind                     d]  author
16.     Yesterday I received a letter by _______ post.
a]  register                   b]  registry                c]  registered             d]  ordinary
17.     Modern science has made _______ advance.
a]  incredible               b]  illegible               c]  legitimate             d]  objective
18.     You shouldn’t be angry, they did it only for _______
a]  fun                         b]  humour               c]  joke                     d]  none of these
19.     His argument is not _______
a]  convincing             b]  vincing                c]  confident             d]  reluctant
20.     My sister is _______ of cockroaches.
a]  fearful                   b]  frightened           c]  afraid                   d]  none of these
21.     Your answer-book will be _______ with the help of a computer.
a]  judged                    b]  tested                  c]  evaluated             d]  seen
22.     He appealed to the president as a last _______
a]  resort                     b]  recourse              c]  resource               d]  none of these
23.     He _______ his head against the wall.
a]  injured                   b]  struck                  c]  forced                  d]  sounded
24.     I can never spell his name _______
a]  right                       b]  rightly                 c]  correctly              d]  correct
25.     He is fond of _______ jokes.
a]  throwing                 b]  boasting              c]  cracking               d]  suggesting
26.     You are old enough to _______ your shoe-laces.
a]  bind                       b]  tie                        c]  knot                     d]  none of these
27.     He is _______ of the short-comings of his brother.
a]  known                    b]  ignorant              c]  reason                  d]  incredible
28.     Please get out of my way, you are ____ in my work.
a]  stopping                 b]  preventing           c]  hindering              d]  none of these
29.     A _______ man will never stoop of meanness.
a]  sensible                  b]  bad                      c]  cunning                d]  insane
30.     If the storm continues, the overhead wires may ______ with a twang.
a]  snap                       b]  break                   c]  tear                      d]  none of these
1.       c     2.       a     3.       d     4.       a     5.       b     6.       c     7.       d     8.       a     9.       c       10.  a        11.  b        12.  a        13.  b        14.  b        15.  a        16.  c        17.  a        18.  a   19.  a        20.  c        21.  c        22.  a        23.  b        24.  c        25.  c        26.  b        27.  b       28.       c          29.       a          30.       a

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